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I have been aware of this for a long time, but recently two things happened that made me see it more clearly.

I heard a pastor recently who gave a message on “Seven ways that Christians harden their hearts towards God.” Soon afterwards, I was visiting a church that had a number of banners around the auditorium. One said, “Glorify.” Under it was written: “We are committed to glorify God in all we do.” I thought, “Wait a minute. At least 99% of this congregation unknowingly is not glorifying God, for they are hardening the hearts of Jehovah’s Witnesses against Biblical Christianity when they come in contact with them. And just about all Christians will be contacted by the JWs at least once a year.” Pastors and Christians should take this very seriously, and stop hardening the hearts of these spiritually blind people. Rather, let us use it as an opportunity to present the gospel of Christ.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses who are coming to our doors are really hurting people. (I have heard the testimony of many ex-JWs and know this is true.) Not only are they carry the heavy burn of sin which all unsaved carry, but they have a guilt feeling because the Watchtower Society is always pushing them to do more so they keep feeling that they are never doing enough, and if they can’t please the Watchtower Society then how can they ever please God? Yet Christians are turning such people away!

In all my years of talking to Christians about witnessing to the JWs, I have found very, very few are really concerned about their eternal souls and are willing to study and prepare themselves for witnessing effectively. To most Christians, these people are a big bother and they want to get rid of them as soon as possible. It doesn’t seem to matter that we are encouraging the JWs in their false teaching and prodding them on the road to hell! The unsaved don’t like them, but---, sad to say, the Christians are often the rudest.

Let me list some of the ways Christians are hardening the hearts of the JWs towards Biblical Christianity, and then I will explain how every Christian can give a positive testimony for Christ.

JWs are taught to have a “martyr’s complex” and to interpret negative responses to their witness as coming from the devil—which proves they are in the only correct Organization!



  1. By not answering the door when they see JWs approaching their dwelling. There are multiple ways to know when people are at home, so don’t try to hide! The JWs interpret your reluctance as: You saw them coming--which you did--but you realized their presentation was likely stronger than yours and you were not prepared to talk to them, so that is why you didn’t come to the door. So they go away encouraged and feeling superior!

  2. When they approach your house you open the door and say, “I know who you are. You are those JWs. You are a false cult and of the devil!” Then you slam the door in their faces as hard as you can. The JWs are taught that this will happen, so you have proven that the Watchtower Society is correct and that Christians are rude. (I have heard of cases where Christians chased away the JWs with a broom and water hose.)

  3. Tell them that you will give them 30 minutes to explain their beliefs if they will then give you 30 minutes. To this they will often agree, but after they have used up their 30 minutes the JW will usually say that they now have to go--and they will go away delighted, because they could talk to you and didn’t give you a chance to speak.

  4. Before I present this next way in which Christians are encouraging JWs in their religion, I would like to discuss 2 John 10-11 which it seems that the majority of Christians believe that it forbids you to invite a JW, or other cultists, into your house and converse with them. These verses read: “If there come any unto you and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.” In the Bible times, the inns were places of ill repute. When I first went to Japan, as a man, a woman automatically went with the room. So where would a traveling Christian stay? Therefore, some Christians opened their home to traveling Christians. They put the sign of a fish in what would be the sidewalk in the front of their house. If a traveling Christian saw that fish he or she knew he or she was welcome to lodge there and would be fed. So this is what these verses are speaking about. Christians do not take a traveling cultist into their home and give them lodging and feed them to help them when they are out trying to evangelize! So these verses are speaking about “hospitality” and do not forbid us to invite them into our home to present the claims of Christ. I know that on the mission field many new churches are started in the home. When I was a missionary to Japan, which is Buddhist and Shinto, if your home was closed to the Japanese you may as well pack up and go home. A footnote in the NIV Study Bible states: “‘take him into your house.’ A reference to the housing and feeding of traveling teachers. The instruction does not forbid greeting or evens inviting a person into one’s house for conversation. John was warning against providing food and shelter, since this would be an investment in the ‘wicked work’ of false teachers and would give public approval.”

    When they come, you invite them in and have them sit down. Then you go and get the biggest Bible you have and turn to John 1:1, and shove it under their nose and say, “See, the Bible has ‘God’ with a capital ‘G,’ so that means Jesus is God! So this proves you are wrong.” The Christian doesn’t realize that he or she has run into the biggest trap possible. The JWs are very, very well prepared to answer this verse and discuss the subject of the Trinity, and they love to start there. They will twist most Christians in circles, because they are prepared and the Christian is not. After arguing for about half an hour, the Christian will chase the visitors out of the house and the JWs will go away elated, because they were well prepared and the Christian wasn’t.

  5. When the JWs come the Christian will say, “I am a Christian, and have my own religion. I am not interested in yours, so good-bye.” Here is how they interpret what you said: We have “the truth,” and spend many hours going from door to door. But apparently the Christian’s faith doesn’t mean anything because they don’t even want to talk about it! Again, you have helped the JW feel superior, because the Christian doesn’t have any confidence in what he believes. So the Christian unwittingly has encouraged the JW to be loyal to the Watchtower Society.

  6. When the JWs come to the Christian’s door, often the Christian will go to the door and say in a very disgusted voice, “I am very busy and don’t have time to talk to you. Please stop bothering me.” Again, you have lost because you were rude.

  7. Once in a while there is a rare Christian who will attempt to talk to them by inviting them into their house, or will stand outside and talk to them. But the Christian usually brings up doctrines that the JWs are very familiar with, like: the Trinity, the Deity of Christ, man’s immortal soul, hell fire, the 144,000, false prophesies, etc. Or they will say that they are familiar with all the false prophecies and the flip-flop beliefs over the years, etc. Some will start attacking the Watchtower’s New World Translation of the Bible. The Christian will find out very soon that he or she is really not prepared to discuss these subjects, but the JWs are. If a JW does depart from the Watchtower Society, it is either that they are rebelling against the Society’s domineering ways or they are repelled by the lack of love among the JWs. So we need to show them love! They are sinners, for whom Christ died. Their major problem is that they don’t realize the depth of their own sinful heart!

Most Christians are not aware that the JWs spend 45 minutes every week having mock conversations on just about every subject people will bring up; and also, since they have spent many hours going from door to door they are familiar with most subjects and are very well prepared. It doesn’t take long for the Christian to realize that he or she is losing, and the JWs will quickly notice this--again encouraging the JW.

Also, very early in the conversation the Christian will get out his or her Bible and start to play “Bible ping-pong.” The only trouble is that in most of the cases the JW is much better at playing Bible ping-pong and familiar with many verses, and they usually win! So after one or two attempts, the Christian is the one who gives up, not the JW. Realizing the Christian is not prepared only encourages the Witness. I had one JW say to me, “If you Christians feel you have the truth, then why don’t you spend enough time to learn what you believe so that you can talk to us intelligently?” How do you answer a question like that, especially when it is true? It takes time to witness to them effectively!

I know a man who was a JW for 33 years. He estimated that he had gone to 75,000 homes. He said that in that period of time he couldn’t remember more than five thought-provoking ideas that were presented to him. Most JWs have never met a kind, loving Christian. They don’t know they exist, because just about all of us have been rude.

When are Christians going to stop helping in the hardening of the hearts of the JWs towards Biblical Christianity?

Here is what we can do.


When the JWs come to your door, they will usually say, “We live in a world of sin, wickedness, corruption and crime. Wouldn’t you like to live in a beautiful paradise here on earth?” They might show you a magazine or tract with some pictures of people having a picnic and petting wild animals, with beautiful scenery in the background. “This ‘new world’ can be your future abode.” Of course, they never tell you that for this to become true, you will have to spend 1000 years of sheer, hard manual labor to build it to a paradise-like condition.

Be polite and listen to what they have to say, which is usually brief at first. Smile and ask, “You believe the Bible, don’t you?” They will answer “Yes,” and feel elated because they think you are going to ask a question about the Bible, and they are prepared to answer.

Here is my question: “There was a time in my life when I came to realize that I was an ungodly, wicked sinner before God. When I speak of sin [name inward, not outward sins] I mean: anger, wrath, jealousy, telling lies, stealing, selfishness, backbiting, being self-centered and self-righteous, fighting with brothers and sisters, disobedience to parents, etc. I realized that by nature I was a ‘child of wrath,’ which made me a slave of Satan--so that is why I could not break the power of sin in my life by myself. But then I heard a person explain from the Bible that God the Father sent His Son down from heaven into this world to solve the problem of sin. Jesus lived a sinless life, and in the end He died and shed His blood for sinners. [Don’t use the word ‘cross,’ because JWs think it is pagan. They say ‘torture stake,’ so you can say that.] As I heard this message, something clicked. I was being told from the Bible that I was a very bad sinner. To this I had to agree. But then I was told that Jesus Christ died for sinners! I realized that I was a sinner, therefore I had the qualification for receiving the forgiveness of sin that Jesus was offering! Right there I bowed my head, confessed my sins, repented and asked Jesus to be my personal Savior. Do you know what He did? He did exactly what He said He would do. He forgave me of all my sins--past, present, and future--released me from being a slave to Satan, taking away the heavy burden of sin I had been carrying for years--and I was adopted into the family of God and I became one of His born-again children and no longer a slave to sin and Satan. So you can see why I am so thrilled with Jesus! But just because my sins are forgiven, it is not a license to continue to live in sin. Now I read my Bible daily to learn how to please my heavenly Father and live a life of righteousness and holiness. In fact, I am so thrilled with Jesus I want to go from door to door telling people. Also, I want to see the Kingdom preached all over the world. Now would you please tell me what is wrong with a faith like that?”

I had a captive audience. I gave the complete message of salvation. Since this is something most JWs have never heard, they will probably say, “That is very nice, but we have to go now.” But you have been polite and given them something to think about instead of encouraging them in their attachment to a false Organization.


This is really thrilling. When the JWs come to your door, listen politely with a smile to their initial short introduction. Then say, “Do you have a couple of minutes?” They just love to get into homes, so they will usually answer in the affirmative.

Bring them in and have them sit down and make them feel comfortable. (The Bible does not forbid us to invite the unsaved into our homes in order to witness to them. We don’t feed and lodge them and encourage them when they are propagating their message; we are only taking the opportunity to present the claims of Christ.) Then you can say: “This is really a wonderful opportunity for me. I love Jesus and always love to talk about Him. Since you are religious people, I am sure that you also love Jesus. (Actually now, Jesus plays no part in their religion.) Let me tell you how I came to know Jesus Christ as my own personal Savior, and then when I am done I want you to tell me how you came to know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.” (We know they haven’t, but you are being polite.)

At this point you have a captive audience and can give in great detail your complete testimony as to how you came to know Christ, and of course you are presenting the way of salvation. I usually take between twenty and thirty minutes when I give my testimony in this way, and often have them sitting on the edge of the couch as they listen with interest. I have been able to give my testimony to hundreds of cultists, and have never had one interrupt or stop me. The last time I did this, the JW couple thanked me for sharing my testimony with them.

When you give your testimony you ought to speak about inward sins and explain the words you are using, because the JWs often use the same words with different meanings.

When you give your testimony, something of the thrill of knowing Jesus should shine forth and the JWs will know that your faith is real.

After you are finished, then you should say, “Now I would like for you to tell me how you came to know Jesus as your own personal Savior.” I am almost 100% sure that at this point, the JWs will look at their watches and say: “Thank you very much, but we are with a group of people and have to keep up with them. Good-bye.”

The JWs are giving us a wonderful opportunity to witness for Christ. Let’s take it, instead of being negative and hardening their hearts towards true Christianity like 99% of us Christians are doing.

If you don’t feel comfortable with talking to them, there is another positive thing that you can do to be a witness for Christ. I have a booklet 20 Important Questions for Jehovah’s Witnesses that costs only $4.00. You should be able to order from your local bookstore or online through Amazon.com. It is published by CLC (Christian Literature Crusade.) You could have this booklet on hand and when the JWs come to your door you could say: “I have been waiting for you! Would you please do me a favor? I have this booklet, but am not a JW but would like to know if what is written in it is true or not. I don’t want to find fault with anyone religion falsely. Would you please take it and read it and then come back and let me know if what is written in it is true or not?” (They will probably at first ask you if it is written by an “apostate” which is an ex-JW. I was never a JW so I can’t be an apostate, so you can assure them it is not from an apostate.) It would be rather hard for them to reject your request. In this way you would be getting them to read these thought-provoking questions that are in the booklet.

Or you could do the same thing with my other book What the Watchtower Society Doesn’t Want you to Know—A Glimpse Behind the Walls of the Kingdom Halls also published by CLC. This book costs $12.00 and is available online. This book is designed particularly for JWs to cause them to think. It is very factual so they can’t argue with the contents. There have been JWs leave the Watchtower Society and have been saved because of reading this book. At the end of the book I tell how a JW lady found Christ and it is a gripping story.

But even if you don’t want to talk to them, you should at least be polite. You can say, “I am very sorry but I am busy right now, so am not able to talk to you. Come back some other time.” Give them a smile as they walk away.

But, of course, my goal is to get Christians to learn how to witness to JWs effectively, and this can only be done over a long period of time. By reading my book Approaching Jehovah’s Witnesses in Love—How to Witnesses Effectively Without Arguing, you can learn how to do this. You can order it from me or get it online. I have had the privilege of helping many Christians as they witnessed to JWs over an extended period of time. 100% of the JWs are well-prepared to speak about the Watchtower Society and what it teaches. Why can’t truly born-again Christians do the same about Christ?

I am also available for seminars to train Christians in witnessing to the JWs over a period of time.

The JWs and other cults have given Christians a very effective means to be Christ’s modern disciples. You are actually putting into practice what you have learned. By not witnessing to these JWs we are casting aside a wonderful opportunity to grow in the Lord!

So now Christians have a choice. They can continue to be like 99% of them and continue to harden the hearts of JWs against Biblical Christianity, or they can use it as an opportunity to share their testimony about our wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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