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The Watchtower Society uses a lot of “double talk” when it comes to the resurrection of Christ. Even though the Bible mentions the resurrection of Jesus from the dead over 100 times, the WT Society does not believe that Jesus actually rose bodily! It states that he was raised as “a spirit” or “a spirit person.” Since the WTS does not believe that humans have a soul that is separate from the body and that the “spirit” is only the breath in humans that keep them alive, then what is it really trying to say? It took me seven years of asking JWs concerning this problem before I ever got a vague answer. After that I did a lot of research before I really understood its teaching. I will try to explain. You will never find this in print in any of the WT material, But I am going to present it plainly.

The Watchtower Society believes that Jehovah, the Father, is eternal. The Father created the Son, whom it identifies as Michael. Then the Son created everything else. (See John 1:3, 1 Cor. 8:6, Col. 1:16, and Heb. 1:2 & 10.) When the Son was created, according to the New World Translation in John 1:1, He was only “a god.” (Thus, if the WT Society was consistent, Genesis 1:1 in the NWT would read: “In the beginning a god created the heavens and the earth.”)

When it comes to the birth of Jesus, the WTS really uses the following “double talk.” It states that “the life force of the Son=Michael was transferred to the womb of Mary.” But at the same time, the WTS states that Jesus was ONLY A MAN. So what really happened?

The WTS actually believes that at the conception or birth (which is not stated in the WT writings) of Jesus that Michael=Son willed himself out of existence. The Society never explains how this could happen. As far as I can perceive, there could be only two possibilities. (1) The Father would have had to kill him. Since there was no sin involved however, the Father would not do this, because the Bible states: “The wages of sin is death”! (2) Michael would have had to kill himself by committing suicide. The only problem is that the WTS teaches that committing suicide is a sin! If a JW commits suicide, the family cannot have the funeral in the Kingdom Hall.)

Another thing. Since the “life force,” according to the WTS, is the breath in humans that keeps the human body alive, and angels are spirits, then angels, with whom Michael is classified, would not have any “life force” to transfer! Quite complicated! So for 33 ½ years Michael=Son ceases to exist!

Another problem. The WTS teaches that creation was accomplished in six days, and then on the seventh day God rested. The WT Society takes one day to mean a 1000-year period. So it states that the history of mankind on the earth is 7000 years, but after 6000 years comes the Millennium. After that is over, the 7000-years end. Michael has defeated Satan and everything is completed. Then God comes forth from His resting and starts to take control of the world, but of course there is nothing to do.

This is important because in Colossians 1:16-18 states that the Son=Michael is not only the Creator but also: “By him all things consist (or is held together).” Thus, if Michael was not in existence for 33 ½ years, then who was watching over the world during that time, since the Father was resting?

The WT Society teaches that Jesus was only a man, in the same rank as Adam. The JWs will say that Jesus is “a son” of God. (This is not the same as when Bible-believing Christians speak of Jesus as the Son of God.) The WTS states that Adam was “a son” of God and in the same rank with Adam, thus equal. The only difference is that Adam failed and Jesus did not. By the way, the WTS teaches that the primary purpose for Jesus being on the earth was not to die on that torture stake for the personal sins of mankind, but to prove that someone could be faithful to the end!

According to the WT Society, Jesus did not know the reason for his being upon this earth until the age of 30 when he was baptized and BECAME THE MESSIAH at this time. Only after this did he know he was to die very shortly.

I think you realize that the WT Society teaches that Jesus died ONLY FOR THE SINS WE INHERITED IN ADAM. We lost physical life because of Adam, but because of the death of Christ, just about everyone who ever lived, up to 1914; will be resurrected and given a second chance on the new earth! (Now, however, this no longer applies because the WTS took over what Jesus used to do. So since 1914, the only way to get onto the new earth is by becoming a JW and remaining faithful to the end.)

The WT Society, by using Romans 6:7, which reads: “For he who has died has been acquitted from [his] sin,” states that when people die physically they actually pay for their personal sins! Christ has nothing to do with the forgiveness of our personal sins!

Now we come to the death of Jesus. As just mentioned, according to the WT Society, Jesus only died for the sins we inherited from Adam. The WTS denies the physical resurrection of Christ! It states that within three days the body of Jesus went back to the gasses, never to be seen again! In the WT book Insight on the Scriptures, Vol. 1, page 841 it states on the subject Jesus Christ’s Fleshly Body: “Jehovah God evidently disposed of Jesus’ fleshly body in his own way (possibly disintegrating it into the atoms of which it was constituted).” In the book Things in Which It Is Impossible For God To Lie, on page 354 it reads: “(Acts 2:27-31) The human body of flesh, which Jesus Christ laid down forever as a ransom sacrifice, was disposed of by God’s power, but not by fire on the altar of the temple in Jerusalem.” The April 15, 1930 Watch Tower states on page 119, “The more reasonable explanation of the above scripture is that God dissolved the body of Jesus into the dust and it was not permitted to take the course of decay common to dead bodies.” The Watchtower, September 1, 1953, asks: “What happened to the perfect fleshly body of Jesus after his death? Was it preserved so that in time men would look upon it in worship? or does Jesus still have this fleshly body in the heavens, ‘spiritualized’ so that it can be seen and worshiped? Neither. The Scriptures answer: It was disposed of by Jehovah God, dissolved into its constituent elements or atoms.” So there you have it from the WT publications! (The teaching of the WTS is really amazing! It states that Jesus, the only perfect person who ever lived, will never be resurrected and thereby enjoy the new earth like most sinners are supposed to.) Now comes the problem of the appearances of Jesus--which started three days after his death and continued for 40 day. How can this fact be solved? How does the WTS get around all of these appearances? Once again it does a lot of “dancing” and uses a lot of “double talk.”

The WT Society states that Jesus rose as “a spirit.” It uses 1 Peter 3:18 which states: “But being made alive in the spirit.” It takes the word “spirit” from this verses, then goes to 1 Corinthians 15:44 where it reads: “It is sown a physical body, and it is raised up a spiritual body.” It takes the “a” from this verse and “spirit” from 1 Peter 3:18 and come up with “a spirit.” (Of course Jesus denied in Luke 24:36-40 that he was just “A SPIRIT.” Here is an important point: The JWs state that “flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God” to try and prove that physical bodies cannot enter heaven. But note what Jesus said: He stated that his resurrected body was made of “flesh and bone.” Then Philippians 3: 20-21 states that at the resurrection the believers will receive a glorified body like the one Jesus has!)

But stating that Jesus rose as “a spirit” creates several major problems for the WT Society.

Here is a quote from the 1968 Watchtower book The Truth That Leads to Eternal Life. It asks the question on page 35, “But what about the soul? Is it not a part of man that separates from his body at death and goes on living?” The answer is given on page 36. “Since the human soul is man himself, THEN IT CANNOT be some shadowy thing that merely inhabits the body or can exist apart from the person…. the human soul possess physical qualities…. that souls have blood traveling through their veins…. Yes, your soul is really you, and all your physical and mental qualities.” This seems quite clear as to what the Watchtower Society believes about the soul. The other part of man is “the spirit.”

On page 39 of the same book, “the spirit” is defined: “Whereas the human soul is the living person himself, the spirit is simply the life force [breath] that enables that person to be alive. The spirit has no personality, nor can it do the things a person can do. It cannot think, speak, hear, see or feel.” This seems to be quite clear!

So what is the WT Society saying when it speaks of Jesus being raised as “a spirit”? As just quoted, “a spirit” does not have any personality nor does it do the things a person can do!

The WT Society actually teaches that Michael, whom it states willed himself out of existence at the birth of Christ, was re-created three days after the death of Jesus.

This is what we find in the WT book God’s “Eternal Purpose” Now Triumphing, on page 155. “In this way the Son of God [Michael according to the WT] was rewarded with a heavenly position higher than the one he held before becoming a perfect man and being bruised ‘in the heel’ by the Great Serpent. He resumed his prehuman name, Michael, so that again there was a ‘Michael the archangel’ in heaven.” Wouldn’t this be “re-creation”?

What is being explained here is that according to the WTS when Michael was first created he was known only as “a god” (John 1:1) but then after his re-creation three days after the death of Christ, he became “Mighty God” as stated in Isaiah 9:6. (I will write more about this later.)

The only place I can find in Watchtower material about a “re-creation” is found in the April 1, 1900 (reprint) on page 94 which states: “By a resurrection—a raising up to life; being created again [re-creation], the same identical being, yet more glorious and exalted even to ‘the express image of the Father’s person.’ (Heb. 1:3.)”

Even though the WTS would be in great trouble if it ever stated clearly what it believes, actually all the post-resurrection appearances that are ascribed to Jesus were the spirit angel, Michael, impersonating Jesus! Somehow Michael found different bodies (they say this was necessary because the disciples and others often did not recognize him), even the one that had the nail prints in his hand and the wound in his side (see John 20:27) and told the disciples and other that he actually was the resurrected Jesus! Wouldn’t he be an imposter impersonating someone else? This never seems to register in the minds of the Jehovah’s Witnesses!

The WT Society further teaches that at the ascension, the spirit angel Michael was in a body that looked like Jesus, but when it ascended into the cloud it discarded that body, because, since 1935, the WTS teaches that physical bodies cannot enter into heaven (Since this is not stated in the Bible, and no once could see what happened after this Michael entered the clouds, then how can the WTS be dogmatic about this?)

Then as stated before, at this time Michael was promoted from being “a god” (John 1:1 in the NWT) to being “Mighty God” (Isaiah 9:6).

But this is not the end of the story. When the WT Society speaks about King Jesus, or mentions Jesus in heaven, it is obvious that it is not the earthly Jesus, who was only a man according to the WTS. What the Society has done is to add the name Jesus to that of Michael! The Society states that Peter had two names, as did others, so that now Michael just added the name Jesus to his own name; but it has no reference to the earthly Jesus! Just more of the WT “double talk” to deceive people.

So when the WT Society talks about Jesus beginning to reign in 1914 it was actually Michael. Thus it is Michael who will be ruling over the Millennial Kingdom!

Get this. Satan is annihilated at the beginning of the Millennium. He will never receive any conscious punishment for all the evil that he has done! But at the end of the Millennium Satan is re-created. He will go out and tempt many of the Witnesses. This is known as the “final test.” Apparently many will fall for the lies of Satan and will not pass the final test and will then be eternally annihilated. (One thousand years of hard labor building the new earth has gone down the drain.) This is why no JW has any assurance about his or her future!

Michael and Satan fight a war, but Michael finally wins and then Satan is once again annihilated. No punishment!

As stated before, after 7000 years the Father will arise from His resting and take over the running of the earth after Michael has won the final victory over Satan. But as a REWARD for Michael defeating Satan, Michael will be DEMOTED to being just “a god” like he originally was! I know this is hard to believe, but it is what the WTS teaches.

This is a side issue. The WTS teaches that the “anointed” will co-reign with Michael for 1000 years. So if Michael is demoted and out of a job at the end of the Millennium, then what will happen to the 144,000 anointed? Won’t the “anointed” also be out of a job?

So there you have it. Now you know what is meant when the WT Society speaks of Jesus being raised as “a spirit.”


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