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There is something about the teachings of the WTS that I have been trying to understand for a long time, and since we are talking about the JWs building so many house on the new earth I would like to present my questions to you and hopefully you can give me some definite answers.
Since there is hardly anything in the Bible that explains the WTS new earth, (I know the WTS quotes verses about the destruction, but nothing about the rebuilding) then I can't get my information from it. Also, the WTS only started teaching about the new earth from 1935 so there is nothing that Charles Russell mentioned about it! (By the way, I think there is more that Charles Russell taught that I agree with, than you DO as a present-day JW!)

The WTS is the only organization I that I know of that has the new earth for the Gentiles! There are many of us who believe from reading the Bible there is going to be a Millennium in which the Children of Israel will be once again at the center. This is what Charles Russell taught! Then there are others that don't believe in a millennial reign at all. They are known as amillennialists.

I have read a lot of the WT magazines and books. This material makes some promises but never explains how they are going to be fulfilled!

I am left with the pictures of the new earth that I have seen in the WT publications and tracts to determine what the WTS new earth is like. However, these pictures only create more problems than they solve.

By the way, I have been in the Brooklyn headquarters and seen the many pictures of the new earth hanging in the halls.

Therefore I am anxious to have the details filled in.

But I want to ask that you to not "speculate." Everything you explain I would like you to verify from Watchtower material. I have heard some of the speculations of other JWs and they just don't fill in the details! What most JWs say is: "Jehovah is going to help us"! That is a "cop out." We never read in the Bible of God ever getting rid of mountains of debris and rubble in a miraculous way, or building any houses, etc. So I have heard of these "cop out" speculations. But these are not what I want! I want concrete facts. I have built houses, so I know quite a lot that is involved.

So here are my questions:

  1. How are these 7 million JWs going to be saved when Armageddon occurs on the earth? According to the WTS pictures, there is going to be earthquakes, fires, flood, lightning bolts, etc. Buildings will be falling down all over the place. So what guarantee do the JWs have that none of them will be destroyed at Armageddon?

  2. Since there are going to be 7 billion dead bodies all around, and the WTS states that these dead bodies are going to be eaten by worms and birds, where are all of the birds and worms going to come from all of a sudden? No speculation!

  3. Watching worms and birds eating up all of the dead bodies is really going to be gruesome and ugly! It is going to take a long time for this to happen. So where are the JWs going to be at this time? No speculation!

  4. A human dead body will start to decompose in 24 hours. (I have had some experience so I know.) After five days the stench would be so strong that no one could be around the bodies. It would be utterly impossible for worms and birds to eat up 7 billion bodies in five days! So what now is the WTS teaching as to how to avoid such an awful stench and gruesome sight?

  5. Since the WTS claims that there are not going to be any graveyards on the new earth, then where are the skeletons of these 7 billion going to be buried over a period of seven prophetic months? This is going to be a mammoth task since all of the graves will have to be dug by hand! (By the way, are you JWs buying up shovels for this task, which is supposed to happen very shortly?)

  6. Let me state a conclusion I have come to before I ask this next question. The WTS states that this new earth is going to be a "pollution free" earth! Then the great majority of the houses [don't tell me that maybe some of the houses will be saved, because according to the pictures in the WT publications you NEVER see a group of houses close together like you have in good residential areas! Then the second reason is, everyone needs so much land to farm and have an orchard, so according to the WTS figures, at least seven out of eight residential houses would have to be destroyed to make enough room for these gardens and orchards!], all the factories, apartments, row houses, office building, malls, airports, etc., are going to be destroyed! The few houses that might be left will all have to be remodeled in some way, because they will need electricity, gas, or oil for heating and cooking, [since in the WT pictures of the new earth, there are snow capped mountains and colorful autumn leaves and you need frost in order for the leaves to turn color] but none of this will be available! Since anything that burns like gasoline produces pollution then there won't be any trucks, bulldozers, back hoes, etc. [Of course, no factories to build them.] Thus everything is going to have to be done by wheelbarrow and shovel like shown in at least one WTS picture! Then, of course, there will not be any electricity! First because all the power lines will be down, and secondly the way electricity is produced causes pollution, and the new earth is supposedly pollution free! Also, all vintage (See Knowledge book around page 184) of this old society will be done away with, so there will not be any "landfills" like there are outside of New York City and all other cities and towns! (Of course, in many countries there are no "landfills" but just huge garbage piles!

  7. With all this in mind, then what concrete plan does the WTS NOW have to get rid of this unimaginable mountain of debris and rubble? In order to get rid of the "Twin Towers" in New York City after 9/11 it took one year to remove all the rubble! There were hundreds of trucks, backhoes, bulldozers, and it took thousands of man-hours! Then all of this was placed in a "landfill" which is an unsightly sight. Also are you aware that these landfills put out a gas? To me, this is an impossible job! So I am looking for some understandable concrete plan. Please do not just brush it off, because to me it is an utterly impossible task!

  8. Then all of this earth is going to be inhabited by people, according to the WTS, and since they are all going to be farmers, then you are going to have to put one foot of topsoil over all of this land where buildings used to be! So where are you going to get this foot of topsoil, since it will be needed in other places in order to farm, and then how are you going to transport so much topsoil by wheelbarrow and shovel?

  9. In all of the pictures of the new earth in the WT publications I have NEVER seen one paved road, let alone a dirt roads. Therefore, it is only logical that these millions and millions of miles of paved roads are going to have to be gotten rid of! (You see them repairing just five miles of an interstate and you see piles and piles of cement and it takes them years to replace it!) I am really looking forward to what is in print in WT material as to how these millions of miles of paved roads are going to be gotten torn up, and where all this cement and asphalt is going to be deposited out of sight. And you never seen any railroad line, so these also will have to be taken of and disposed of!

  10. What are you surviving JWs going to do with the 250 million cars and trucks that we have here in America, not counting the rest of the millions of cars around the world?

    There are no roads in the pictures of the new earth! There would be no gas stations! There would be no way to get the crude to the refineries! Then you can't have oil refineries because they put off a lot of pollution! There would be no way to get these 250 million vehicles to a junkyard, and you can't have junkyards in the new earth! Then it takes heat to melt metal and this would cause pollution!

    I never see any cars setting around in any of the pictures of the new earth in WTS publications so there must be some way to get rid of them! So please show me in writing what concrete plan the WTS has for getting rid of the 98 million cars

  11. Since the WTS claims that it will take a thousand years for people to become perfect physically and spiritually, and there are many JWs now who have to have medicine in order to live (I know of one JW lady), and since the earth is going to be destroyed with its factories, then the pharmaceutical factories are going to be destroyed! Of course, no pharmacies! And you can't get more than three months supply of any drug! So what is going to happen to the thousands needing medicine to live, especially since they are all going to be needed to do hard manual labor?

  12. After you are 100 years into the Millennium, and you JWs have gotten just a little of the land cleared, and maybe have a house for yourselves and a garden with fruit trees, then you have to start preparing for these 20-22 billion sinners who used to live on this earth! (In a WT book I read it mentions 20 billion but then several JWs said this has been revised to 22 billion.) The WTS states that before any of these 20-22 billion sinners can be raised there have to be proper living conditions made available for them so that they can live on their own! The WTS states that all will be farmers on the new earth, and each person or persons is going to need enough ground around their house (1 acres per person) for a garden to produce a sufficient amount of vegetables to live on and an orchard for fruit. Thus the surviving 7 million JWs are going to have to do this. Well and good, but where are you going to get all of this building material for these houses, since there are no lumber jacks to cut the lumber (no chain saws), no saw mills to cut the lumber, and no lumber yards where you can go and buy lumber? Where are you going to get the nails to hold this lumber together? Then, of course, there are no roads on which to transport any of this lumber! Where are you going to get the cement for the foundation? Where are you going to get the siding for the houses? Where are you going to get the glass for the windows? Where are you going to get the shingles for the roof? Where are you going to get the drywall for the walls? Where are you going to get the spackling to cover the seams? Where are you going to get the kitchen cabinets? What about the flooring? What are you going to use for cooking and heating? (There are no factories to make iron stoves!) Then you will need clothing to clothe these people!

  13. What are you going to use to plow up this ground to get the gardens ready? Since there are no stores, where are you going to get all of the seeds? Also, are you buying up millions of hoes to work the ground with?

  14. Then has the WTS ever solved the problem of where the people are going to live who are building these houses and planting gardens and orchards! (By the way, since you will need a lot of carpenters and farming knowledge, does the WTS at present time offer any courses on these things? Just building a Kingdom Hall once in a while is not enough experience!) Since there will be no transportation, as the JWs labor and build these houses, and more people are resurrected, then the building of these houses will become farther and farther away. So eventually, they can't stay in one place very long, but will have to continually keep moving!

  15. I am really tired thinking about so much work, but that is not all. The WTS teaches that the scrolls mentioned in Rev. 20:12 are going to be the new regulations during the Millennium! Thus, the JWs are going to have to learn them; then as these 20-22 billion sinners are resurrected, above and beyond building the houses and planting the gardens and orchards, they are going to have to teach these 20-22 billion people these new rules, and a person is given between 100 to 500 years to respond! So that also is going to take up a lot of time!

  16. Here comes the million-dollar-question. The Bible in Rev. 20 declares that there are ONLY TWO resurrections. One is before the Millennium as found in 1 Thess. 4:13-18 and 1 Cor. 15. Then Rev. 20:5 states: "The rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were ended." So in the Bible there are only TWO resurrections, one BEFORE the Millennium and one AFTER! This is very clear! So where does the WTS get this GRADUAL resurrection DURING the Millennium? I want something where this is clearly stated! (Please don't quote Ezekiel 47:1-5 like one JW did. That is speaking about "water" not a resurrection!) I am not interested in some long explanation that circumvents the questions, but a direct answer from the Bible.

  17. Then the WTS uses John 5:29: "And come out, those who did good things to a resurrection of life, those who practiced vile things to a resurrection of judgment" to try and prove that just about all who have ever lived on this earth (with the exception of Adam and Eve, those in the days of Noah, and maybe those in Sodom and Gomorrah [the WTS has changed its mind 7 times so I don't know what the latest conclusion is!) will be resurrected and given a second chance; but God knows that some will not respond so they have a "resurrection of judgment" and then those who respond to a "resurrection of life! So it is taught by the WTS that some are not going to respond in a favorable way to what is written on these scrolls and those sinners will be annihilated. SO YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE DEATH ON THE NEW EARTH, in spite of the fact that the WTS uses Rev. 21:1-4, which really refers to the condition AFTER the Millennium, to the 1000 years of the new earth, but it says "death will be no more." So there will be death on the new earth! Since the WTS teaches that there will be no graveyards and no undertakers on the new earth, then who is going to burry these possibly billions who do not respond and where are they going to be buried?

  18. The WTS teaches that Jesus Christ died only for the sins we inherit in Adam! Then when we die physically we pay for our own personal sins, according to Romans 6:7: "For he who has died has been acquitted from [his] sins." The WTS further teaches that because people have paid for their own intentional sins they can have a fresh start on the new earth! However, the WTS teaches that Armageddon is just around the corner and most of the JWs living today are going to live right into the Millennium!

  19. I have never met a JW who said that he or she wanted to go to heaven! Heaven is a perfect place where we worship and praise the Almighty for all eternity! God Himself is going to wipe away all of our tears. Heaven is a place that God Himself has built: Heb. 11:10 & 16, & John 14:2. Then 1 Cor. 2:9 states this about heaven: "Eye has not seen and ear has not heard, neither have there been conceived in the heart of man the things that God has prepared for those who love him." (By the way, the number to go to heaven has not been filled! See John 3:16 where it states: "WHOSOEVER WILL MAY COME.") I have described the condition on the WTS new earth during the Millennium! As you can see, there isn't going to be much time for picnics and petting lions and koalas! (Rom 14:17 says: "For the kingdom of God does not mean eating and drinking, but [means] righteousness and peace and joy with holy spirit.") So along with answering all my other questions above, using quotes from the WTS publications, could you tell me why you prefer to spend one thousand years in hard manual labor building a place for 20-22 billions sinners to enjoy, especially when you already know that a lot of your work will be in vain because they are not going to respond and will have to be annihilated and you are going to have to bury them?

  20. Then on top of this you are going to be tempted by Satan at the end of the Millennium, when Satan is recreated according to the WTS, and you are going to have to face this "final test" and there is a good possibility that you will fail this test, and no assurance that you will pass it and then all your1000-years of hard work will have been in vain! So please explain the appeal of this WTS new earth over going to heaven to be with the Triune God forever! (By the way, as you try to answer my questions above from WTS publications, you will realize that this does not come from the Bible, but from a very un-thought through plan by human men!)

Once again I want to state that I do not want any "speculations." I want material that is taken from Watchtower publications that clearly answer my questions.

As I said at the beginning, I have been seeking answers to my questions for years

Prepared by Wilbur Lingle

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